Wesak Day Message

May 9, 2017 at 9:50 pm


Liow: Towards a More Compassionate and Moderate Malaysia

Today marks an important celebration for thousands across the nation. To my fellow Malaysian Buddhists observing this ceremony, I wish you a Happy Wesak Day.

As we come together in celebration, we are also reminded of the teachings of compassion and moderation in Buddhism. These values transcend extremism, prejudices and intolerance, thus playing an important role in promoting peace in Malaysia.

As a diverse nation, these principles are all the more important as Malaysians continue to live together in this land we call home. Now, that we are closer than ever in achieving our goal as a developed nation, we must oppose all those who incite fear, hatred and intolerance. These are the views of a fringe group of people, and not the Rakyat as a whole. Hence, we must build on the positive that will enable all Malaysians to enjoy peace and prosperity.

Under the successful administration of Barisan Nasional, we remain resolute in our objectives and despite a sluggish global economic outlook, Malaysia emerged as a clear favourite in the 2017 ranking for best countries to invest in. By virtue of this, we successfully entered into various bilateral trade agreements with strategic allies such
as China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, India, Kingdom of Bahrain and more which would help spur our economy further.

I urge Malaysians to uphold the principles of acceptance and moderation that will certainly achieve our goal of becoming bangsa Malaysia.

Once again, a blessed Wesak to all.