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    1. Recommended Products
      About us

      Suqian Xinya Technology Co., Ltd. was founded as Jiangsu Xinya Chemical Co., Ltd (former Wujin Chemical Fertilizer Factory established in 1965). In 2010, Jiangsu Xinya Chemical Co., Ltd was moved into Suqian city of Jiangsu province and became Suqian Xinya Technology Co., Ltd.. Suqian Xinya Technology Co., Ltd. has the all equipment and technicians of Jiangsu Xinya Chemical Co., Ltd, and the leading production idea of Jiangsu Xinya Chemical Co., Ltd too. Following the quality policy of “leading equipment, careful operation, quality product, sincere service”, we take “better, purer, higher” as quality requirements, and strive to offer market better and better products. In Suqian Economic Development Park, Suqian Xinya Technology Co., Ltd. enjoys good location for we are close to Lianhuo expressway, Ningsuxu expressway, Beijing-Hangzhou Great Canal, Xinchang railway and Suhuai railway; moreover, we are only 60km away from Xuzhou Guanyin International Airport, thus we enjoy a developed traffic network.

      We started to adjust product structure since we moved to Suqian. Our main production apparatus: (1)20,000 t/a of N-Methylformamide(NMF) equipment;(2)20,000 t/a of Formamide(FA) equipment;(3) 40,000 t/a of mixed methyl amine equipment;(4)15,000 t/a of N,N-diethylformamide(DEF) equipment; (5)15,000t/a N-ethylformamide(NEF); (6)50,000t/a Methylformate. Our main products are Formamide(FA), N-Methylformamide(NMF), Monomethylamine, Dimethyl amine and Trimethyl amine,N,N-diethylformamide; N-ethylformamide and Methylformate etc. 

      Now, our company is receiving a high reputation for leading equipment and inspection facilities, excellent quality and service, united and experienced technicians and powerful economic strength. Jiangsu Xinya Chemical Co., Ltd. has ranked the top position of this industry of China for long time, and is well-known for leading management system, and power advantages on technology and HR.Our products scale and quality rank the top position in the world. Jiangsu Xinya Chemical Co., Ltd. has obtained a lot of honors, including "State Second Level Enterprise", "Six-Good Enterprise in Chemical Industry", "The Qualified Unit of State First Level Measure and Inspection" and "State First Level Enterprise In Energy-Saving", etc. After this movement, we adjust product structure and update the equipment, thus we have the better abilities to get development and make cooperation with you. We sincerely welcome customers all around the world to have business and visit with us!

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