Labour Day Message

April 30, 2017 at 11:26 am

Labour Day Message
1 MAY 2017

Government focused on supporting Malaysian workforce

To all Malaysians, I wish you a restful and enjoyable Labour Day. From those who have freshly joined the workforce to the long-serving veterans, whether members of the blue-collar industry or professionals in your respective fields, each of you have played a vital role in contributing to our nation’s growth.

Malaysia’s economic development has been spurred on by the efforts of its Rakyat. Through global challenges and uncertainties, our nation has soldiered on with the determination to rise above and beyond such trials.

Indeed, one tangible testament towards our resilience and ongoing development is the results of the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017, where Malaysia has been ranked 11th among 138 nations on transportation. This is a clear recognition of the rapid improvement and expansion of our nation’s transportation infrastructure over the past year.

Connectivity is a catalyst for growth, as it enables better efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity as a whole. To this end, rest assured that the Government of Malaysia through my Ministry of Transport is fully committed to enhancing our nation’s connectivity across land, aviation and maritime sectors. The positive effect of greater
productivity leading to increased competitiveness for our economy and higher levels of income for our labour force, will in turn be the platform for us to achieve our aspirations of becoming a high-income nation.

In tandem, the welfare and quality of life of our Malaysian workforce continues to be a key focus for the Barisan Nasional Government. Over the years, we have sought to provide a strong safety net for workers, and we continue to do so through various initiatives.

Inevitably, there will be dissenters and sceptics who do not have the vision and foresight to understand the importance of the Government’s drive to protect our Malaysian labour force whilst also achieving economic growth. Nonetheless, I fully believe that we are well on-track to grow as a competitive, developed nation, even as more Government-led initiatives are launched to benefit the Rakyat.

Once again, happy Labour Day to my fellow Malaysians, and safe travels to everyone traveling over this long weekend.