Launch of Anjung Malaysia

November 21, 2017 at 11:46 am


Distiguished guests

Ladies and Gentlemen

1. A very good morning to all. It gives me great pleasure to be here today to officiate the launch of yet another exciting milestone by Malaysia Airports – Anjung Malaysia.

2. The transport sector is one of the key enablers of our economy – something that is even more apparent in these days of global economy as economic opportunities are increasingly related to the mobility of people, goods and information. As such the quantity as well as quality of transport infrastructure and a country’s level of economic development is closely related. It is for this reason that our transport sector needs to be a crucible of innovation.

Ladies and gentlemen,

3. All of us here know that KL International Airport is already a strong regional hub with good connectivity. It currently caters to more than 60 airlines serving more than 120 direct destinations. 70% of the 53 million passengers it handled last year were international passengers. This proves that Malaysia is a popular destination among international travellers. We have visitors from all corners of the world who come here to enjoy the Malaysian experience.

4. With the ease of global travels, tourism is indeed a booming industry for many countries. We are well aware of the government’s target to reach a target of 26 million tourist arrivals by 2020.

5. Here is where the transport sector can play a role in contributing to our national target. Apart from the quality of our physical infrastructure, we must strive to provide a differentiating factor and unique experience to these travellers. Nowhere is this more important that at the airport where it serves as the first impression of Malaysia to many travellers.

6. KL International Airport is one of our country’s most enduring and iconic landmarks. For us Malaysians, the sight of KL International Airport evoke feelings of familiarity and the comfort of coming home. For our visitors, our airport should also be a welcoming sight of warmth, hospitality and joy.

7. Airports around the world have also recognised the important role they play in providing a unique experience to visitors. They have begun to explore new and creative ways to leave lasting impressions of the airports. You can see this at all the major airports in the world such as in Singapore, Korea, Japan, and many more. They are also seizing on them as opportunities to indulge the myriad whims and desires of their massive captive audience, while at the same time meeting the ever-increasing demands of passenger traffic.

8. The aim is to make these places more hospitable, as travellers begin their journey or at a stop along the way. Hence, the best airports today don’t feel like airports. Think close-in parking; fast, free WiFi; speedy clearance; menu choices ranging from high-fiber to high-end; as well as access to lounges, shops and hotels and a greater sense of space and place.


9. Airports have become destinations in and of themselves, barely resembling the terminals of old with their uncomfortable plastic seats, mediocre dining options, a dearth of rest rooms and a mix of stress and boredom. In fact, these days, airports are investing more to make travelling more convenient and memorable.

10. In a nutshell, today’s airports have become sophisticated and creative in their commitment to customer service excellence. Rather than a blur of terminals, gates, concourses, and concessions that are all the same, the world’s best-rated airports excel at creating a unique sense of place that differentiates them from other airports.

11. This why I am most delighted to be here today because I believe that Malaysia Airports’ initiative in creating an Anjung Malaysia will go a long way in providing our airport users with a memorable experience and create a lasting impression of our national pride. I am pleased to see that Malaysia Airports is making continuous effort to enhance not just the physical aspect of the airport in terms of upgrading and improvement works, but also in ensuring that the emotional attachment to Malaysia remains strong.

12. I am also pleased to hear Datuk Badlisham mention that Anjung Malaysia will be providing local entrepreneurs and SMEs with an avenue to showcase their capabilities to an international audience. As you know, our government has put special focus on the development of SMEs in the 11th Malaysia Plan. SMEs play a key role as they are the silent drivers of the nation’s economy.

13. In fact, earlier this year, our Yang Amat Berhormat Prime Minister had launched the Digital Free Trade Zone for which the ecommerce giant Alibaba will use as a marketing platform and where more than 1,500 of our local SMEs will be on boarded. The initial phase of the DFTZ is already in operations in KLIA Aeropolis. As recent as earlier this month, our Prime Minister and Jack Ma, the founder of the Alibaba Group performed the ground breaking ceremony for the 60-acre KLIA Aeropolis DFTZ Park that will be developed between Malaysia Airports and Cainiao Network – Alibaba Group’s logistics arms that will serve as the world’s first electronic World Trade Platform hub outside of China. As such, I am glad to note that Malaysia Airports continues to include the development of SMEs into their initiatives while spearheading the development of Malaysia’s airport city.

14. I am sure Anjung Malaysia will also serve the objectives of the overall KLIA Aeropolis master plan where airports are transformed into a destination in itself.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

15. I was also informed that the launch of Anjung Malaysia is also part of Malaysia Airports’ initiative in complementing its 25th year or silver jubilee anniversary. I have seen tremendous achievements from and growth in this company. With the steadfast support of the Ministry, other government agencies and airport community,

16. I am confident that we will soar to even greater heights. I look forward to witnessing many more exciting and innovative initiatives by Malaysia Airports in raising Malaysia’s profile at an international level.

17. With that, it is my pleasure to launch the new Anjung Malaysia in KL International Airport by Malaysia Airports.

18. Thank you.