Unveiling Of The New KLIA Ekspres Train

March 13, 2018 at 1:40 pm


13 MARCH 2018

YBhg. Tan Sri Mohd. Nadzmi Mohd Salleh
Executive Chairman of Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd or ERL

Distinguished guests, members of the media, ladies and gentlemen.

A very good morning, Salam Sejahtera and Salam 1Malaysia.

1. I would like to thank Express Rail Link for the opportunity to be here today. I am truly happy to witness the fruits of cooperation between ERL and CRRC, which began in November 2014 when the two companies signed their train purchase agreement. The relationship between ERL and CRRC is an excellent example of the deepening relationship between Malaysia and China, and I congratulate both companies for the continued success of their work together.

ERL – the right provider

Ladies and gentlemen,

2. For sixteen years, ERL has repeatedly demonstrated it’s capability as an excellent air-rail service. They have achieved sustainability by maintaining the highest standards in resource management, material consumption and use of energy. They have won many awards for safety, customer service, environmental commitment and more. They have shown to be completely committed to ISO-certification requirements, and their internal quality policy ensures excellent service delivery to passengers, commuters and air travellers alike. This excellent service manifests itself from their consistent punctuality achievement of 99.7%.

3. These new trains are just another way that ERL is ensuring that the service always meets the needs of its customers. While bringing significant benefits to users of the KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit, I believe that the new trains will further consolidate ERL’s excellent reputation for safety, reliability, and comfort.

4. Having carried over 88 million passengers to date, ERL continues to help alleviate road congestion by providing excellent connectivity. With the new trains, I believe ERL offers a better value proposition, and this is important in attracting more people to migrate to public transportation.

Public-private partnerships remain the future of transport

Ladies and gentlemen,

5. Public-private partnerships have been a cornerstone of Malaysia’s economic progress and development. And I strongly believe that these partnerships will continue to be the way forward when undertaking massive investments in the country’s rail infrastructure projects.

6. Cooperation between ERL and CRRC have also shown how national boundaries can be transcended to serve the needs of Malaysians. We hope that other companies will look to this partnership as an example of cooperative relationships that can transform lives for the better.

Serving the rakyat

7. Initiatives such as these, complement the Government’s commitment to improving land public transport infrastructure, quality of service, and first-and-last mile connectivity. Y.A.B. Prime Minister has stressed that Malaysia’s land public transport plans are a pathway towards higher productivity and a better standard of living for the rakyat.

8. In this respect, there have been many key developments in 2017, from the launch of the Mass Rapid Transit system to the development of the East-Coast Rail Link. These are a few examples of the many infra-rakyat rail projects slated for delivery by the year 2027. It is estimated that rail mileage in Malaysia will come close to three thousand (3,000) kilometres when projects now in the pipeline reach completion.

ERL service announcement

Ladies and gentlemen,

9. In view of these developments, I am pleased to witness the addition of the six new trains today that will bolster ERL’s services. As Tan Sri Mohd Nadzmi mentioned earlier, the new CRRC trains will increase capacity by half and their excellent build quality will improve maintenance times and provide even greater comfort to passengers.With these new rollingstocks, I would hope to see ERL improve on their already excellent punctuality track record of 99.7%.

10. With the introduction of these new trains, I am therefore pleased to announce that the KLIA Transit frequency during peak hours will be increased effective tomorrow, giving added convenience to air travellers and commuters alike. With the increase from three to four services per hour, the KLIA Transit will now be on par with the KLIA Ekspres.


11. I congratulate ERL and CCRC for the continued success of their partnership and I look forward to experiencing the excellent quality and comfort of the new trains myself. They are a testament to ERL’s strength, vision and commitment to catering to the growing needs of Klang Valley residents while always maintaining a solid reputation for service and safety.

12. Again, I say a hearty “syabas” to ERL for your dedication to your passengers and your unending work in delivering exceptional rail travel experience in Malaysia.

Thank you.