Merdeka Day Message

August 30, 2018 at 5:46 pm

Merdeka Day Message 2018
By Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, MCA President

This year’s Merdeka Day holds a unique, symbolic meaning, as for the first time, it ushers in a change in political power since our nation attained Independence, thereby signaling the arrival of a new era. As the rakyat have chosen a new government, mainly due to the pledges promised in the “Pakatan Manifesto” which are similar to the idealism of people, therefore, the new government must take every promise and commitment in the Manifesto seriously and implement then. It is incumbent on the Pakatan Harapan government to not disappoint Malaysian citizens.

Whether a country can stand stall in the world and be respected by all depends on one keeping to one’s promises. When the lack of good faith manifests itself, such as repeated broken promises and shifting positions, this not only fails to win the trust of the rakyat, but also discourages foreign investors from entering the market, thus affecting the status of our country in the international community. Such fickleness in policies has caused the economy to be in continuous decline and diplomatic relations have deteriorated. These unstable factors may cause the country’s economy to take a downturn which will thence cause the people to suffer.

Today, after 61 years of Independence, we should cherish the country’s cornerstone laid by the former government. Therefore, the new government must govern the country professionally instead of emotionally, and not direct blame against the former administration or other countries. This is necessary to uphold a positive image whilst maintaining good, diplomatic relationships. Any deterioration in diplomatic ties between Malaysia and China will inevitably lead to a domino effect, impacting against China’s many investments and economic development in our country, where tens of thousands of people may be affected.

The new government must also bear in mind the aspirations for a beautiful Malaysia, or a prosperous nations where all peoples live and work in peace, and all ethnic groups coexist and share the prosperity. The harmony and stability of our country today are irreplaceable This is the result of our nation’s deep-rooted stand in moderation. It is deeply recognised by all countries worldwide, and there is no necessity for the new government to change its course for the sake of being seen as innovative.

The spirit for Independence intended that all ethnic groups be united in power sharing and working together to create a multicultural society. The unity of our citizens today is recognised across the globe, and we should not simply give up these achievements and regress. The new government must correct all deviations in policies and assist all citizens irrespective of ethnicity. This will thus show consistency in caring for Malaysia.

On this Merdeka Day of celebrations, MCA wishes all Malaysians Selamat Menyambut Hari Kebangsaan!

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