Significant Milestones in ASEAN Transportation Sector

October 13, 2017 at 5:14 pm

13 October 2017


Liow: Significant Milestones in ASEAN Transportation Sector

SINGAPORE – The 23rd ASEAN Transport Ministers Meeting (23rd ATM) held in Singapore from 12 to 13 October 2017 concluded successfully, achieving significant milestones in the transportation sector. The meeting was attended by Transport Ministers and Senior Officials from ASEAN member countries and Dialogue Partners, namely the People’s Republic of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea.

Connectivity is undeniably an economic and development catalyst for ASEAN. With more than 600 million people in the region, there is a huge opportunity to unlock the growth potential of this fast-growing economic block. Malaysia together with our ASEAN peers are confident of the endless possibilities this region has to offer that will in turn provide numerous benefits to our people and economies.

In the area of aviation, I am encouraged by the progress of plans to further liberalise key economic elements under the ASEAN Single Aviation Market. The Ministers concluded the Tenth Package of Commitments on Air Transport Services under the ASEAN Framework of Services (AFAS) and signed the Protocol to facilitate its implementation to further liberalise air transport ancillary services in the region.

The Ministers also signed the Protocol on Domestic Code-Share Rights between points within the territory of any other ASEAN Member States. This Protocol allows code-sharing arrangements between the marketing airline and adomestic airline in ASEAN member country, as part of an international journey. The domestic code-sharing arrangement would increase connectivity between Malaysia and ASEAN Member States and at the same time would enable designated airlines of Malaysia to offer their passengers a wide range of travel options which can extend beyond the airlines’ own network and route structure.

Beside this, the Ministers also adopted and signed the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) on Flight Crew Licensing (FCL) which would cover mutual recognition of approvals, certificates and licences related to flight crew licensing issued by an ASEAN Member State’s Licensing Authority. This Agreement would facilitate and enhance air services and their related activities to complement the liberalisation efforts in ASEAN, while at the same time ensure the highest degree of safety and security in international air transport.

Under the ASEAN-China partnership, we have concluded the Memorandum of Understanding between the Authorities in charge of Aircraft Accident Investigation of ASEAN Member States and the Civil Aviation Administration of China on Cooperation relating to Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation. This Agreement would further strengthen Malaysia’s cooperation with China in relation to aircraft accident and incident investigations, sharing experience and expertise in investigation techniques in various specialist fields, equipment and research. The effective implementation of this MoU in the future would greatly benefit both parties in enhancing aircraft accident and incident investigation in ASEAN Member States and China.

ASEAN also looks forward to further strengthen aviation cooperation through the establishment of more liberal and mutually beneficial air services agreements with our dialogue partners including Japan, Korea, European Union and India to enhance connectivity within and beyond ASEAN countries.

In an effort to facilitate seamless cross-border mobility of passengers between and among ASEAN Member States, we have signed the ASEAN Framework Agreement on the Facilitation of Cross Border Transport of Passengers by Road Vehicles (CBTP). We are positive that the implementation of ASEAN CBTP would enhance People-to-People Connectivity as well as promote tourism and investment in the region.

On top of this, Malaysia has also submitted Instrument of Ratification for Protocols 6 (Railway Border and Interchange Stations), 7 (Customs Transit System) and 9 (Dangerous Goods) under the ASEAN Framework Agreement on the Facilitation Of Goods In Transit (AFAFGIT). We will submit the Instrument of Ratification for Protocol 1 (Designation of Transit Transport Routes and Facilities) under the same agreement to ASEAN Secretariat soonest possible. This in an effort to simplify and harmonize cross border transport procedures and information flows, so as to provide ease for movement of goods across border among ASEAN countries.

Malaysia remains committed in strengthening connectivity within and beyond ASEAN, thus promoting trade and investment ties between our economies in the need to ensure that the benefits of growth are shared equally among our people.

On this note, the 23rd ATM reflects the strength of our deep relationship and I look forward to building a stronger partnership with ASEAN and our Dialogue Partners.